1: Watch Cinderella seek bloody revenge on her evil stepsisters in this chilling horror movie revamp.

2: Witness a dark twist on the classic fairy tale as Cinderella unleashes her wrath on those who wronged her.

3: Experience the terror as Cinderella's fairy godmother transforms into a vengeful force of nature.

4: Follow Cinderella on her path of destruction and see if she can make her stepfamily pay for their cruelty.

5: Prepare for a night of fear and suspense as Cinderella's tale takes a horrifying turn.

6: Discover the true power of a woman scorned in this twisted take on the beloved Cinderella story.

7: Join Cinderella on her journey to reclaim her destiny and exact bloody vengeance on her enemies.

8: Unleash your darkest fantasies with this spine-chilling retelling of Cinderella's story of revenge.

9: Beware as Cinderella's once-innocent heart turns dark and she becomes the ultimate avenger in this thrilling horror movie adaptation.

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