1: Meet Simone Biles, the groundbreaking American gymnast making history at the Olympics.

2: Learn how Simone Biles shattered records to become the first American to win gold in the vault competition.

3: Discover the dedication and hard work that propelled Simone Biles to Olympic glory.

4: Witness Simone Biles' gravity-defying leaps and awe-inspiring routines on the world stage.

5: Explore the journey of Simone Biles as she overcomes challenges to reach the pinnacle of gymnastics.

6: Celebrate Simone Biles' incredible achievements and her place in gymnastics history.

7: Follow Simone Biles' trailblazing path to victory in the vault competition at the Olympics.

8: Experience the thrill of Simone Biles' groundbreaking performance as she clinches gold in the vault.

9: Join the world in saluting Simone Biles as she etches her name in Olympic and gymnastics lore.

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