1: Title: Intro to Classic Anime Content: Explore the top 4 anime series that would face challenges in today's world due to changing cultural norms.

2: Title: Cowboy Bebop Content: This iconic space western would face criticism today for its portrayal of certain characters and themes.

3: Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion Content: The complex and controversial themes in this series would spark debate and backlash if it were made today.

4: Title: Akira Content: This groundbreaking film would be a risky project in today's climate due to its graphic content and mature themes.

5: Title: Ghost in the Shell Content: The philosophical and ethical questions raised in this anime would be heavily scrutinized in today's society.

6: Title: Trigun Content: The portrayal of violence and gun culture in this series would face criticism and controversy if produced today.

7: Title: Berserk Content: The dark and mature themes in this fantasy series would be scrutinized for their graphic content and portrayal of sensitive topics.

8: Title: Death Note Content: The morality and consequences explored in this series would face backlash and debate in today's world.

9: Title: Conclusion Content: While these anime classics may not be produced today, they continue to hold a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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