1: Title: Tommy John Strikes Again Description: Injured Brewers starter out for season. Learn how Tommy John surgery affects pitchers and what it means for the team.

2: Title: What is Tommy John Surgery? Description: Tommy John surgery is a common procedure for injured pitchers. Find out how it helps players recover from elbow injuries.

3: Title: Brewers' Season Hit Hard Description: With starter out for season, Brewers face challenges ahead. Get the latest updates on the team's lineup changes.

4: Title: Tommy John's Impact on MLB Description: Tommy John surgery is a game-changer in MLB. Discover how it's reshaped the careers of many professional baseball players.

5: Title: Rehab Road Ahead Description: Injured starter faces long road to recovery. Explore the rehabilitation process after Tommy John surgery.

6: Title: Team Adjustments Description: Brewers make adjustments for season without injured starter. Learn how the team plans to fill the void.

7: Title: Looking to the Future Description: With starter out, Brewers focus on future prospects. Discover how the team is preparing for the seasons ahead.

8: Title: Pitchers' Recovery Stories Description: Pitchers share their recovery journeys after Tommy John surgery. Hear inspirational stories of resilience and determination.

9: Title: Tommy John's Legacy Description: Tommy John's impact on baseball is undeniable. Learn how his namesake surgery continues to shape the sport today.

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