1: Will Tom Cruise's iconic performance in "Top Gun" pave the way for his post-"Mission Impossible" era?

2: Discover how Tom Cruise's character in "Cocktail" could influence his future roles after the spy franchise.

3: How "Jerry Maguire" showcased Tom Cruise's diverse acting skills post-"Mission Impossible."

4: Explore how "Rain Man" could set the tone for Tom Cruise's career beyond action movies.

5: Could Tom Cruise's role in "The Firm" foreshadow a new direction post-"Mission Impossible"?

6: Will Tom Cruise's performance in "A Few Good Men" lead to more dramatic roles after the spy franchise?

7: How "Magnolia" demonstrated Tom Cruise's range as an actor outside of the action genre.

8: Discover how Tom Cruise's role in "Vanilla Sky" may hint at his future projects post-"Mission Impossible."

9: Could Tom Cruise's character in "Minority Report" lay the groundwork for his career after the spy franchise?

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