1: Tom Cruise Role: Discover how this iconic role was originally intended for Tom Hanks.

2: Tom Hanks in Mind: Explore the story behind the casting decision for this memorable character.

3: Audition Process: Learn how Tom Cruise ultimately landed the role meant for Tom Hanks.

4: Character Development: Uncover how the role was tailored to fit Tom Cruise's unique talents.

5: Cinematic Chemistry: Experience the on-screen magic that Tom Cruise brought to this iconic character.

6: Legacy of the Role: Understand the lasting impact of Tom Cruise's performance in this role.

7: Fan Reactions: Read about how audiences responded to Tom Cruise's portrayal of a character meant for Tom Hanks.

8: Award Nominations: Discover the accolades earned by Tom Cruise for his performance in this role.

9: Hollywood History: Explore the fascinating intersection of two iconic actors in the making of cinematic history.

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