1: OJ Simpson's Controversial Book Learn about the infamous book that caused a stir in the media and among the public.

2: The Hypothetical Confession Discover the shocking content of "If I Did It" and why it sparked outrage.

3: Legal Battle Explore the legal battles surrounding the book's release and cancellation.

4: Backlash and Outrage Uncover the intense backlash that Simpson faced following the book's announcement.

5: Cancelation and Resurrection Find out why the book was initially canceled and later released under different circumstances.

6: Public Opinion Understand the differing opinions and reactions to the book from the public.

7: Impact on Simpson's Legacy Learn how "If I Did It" affected OJ Simpson's already controversial legacy.

8: Media Circus Delve into the media frenzy that surrounded the book's release and cancellation.

9: Continued Speculation Discover why the book continues to spark debate and curiosity among the public.

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