1: Introduction to Kids Incorporated Discover the beloved 80s show Kids Incorporated and its young stars, including a young Fergie.

2: Fergie's Beginnings Explore Fergie's early days on Kids Incorporated and her rise to fame in the music industry.

3: Where Are They Now? Learn what the cast of Kids Incorporated is up to today and how the show impacted their careers.

4: Fergie's Transformation See the transformation of Fergie from a child star on Kids Incorporated to a global music icon.

5: Reunions and Revivals Find out if there have been any reunions or revivals of Kids Incorporated over the years.

6: Impact on Pop Culture Discover how Kids Incorporated influenced a generation of young viewers and pop culture as a whole.

7: Memorable Moments Relive some of the most memorable performances and scenes from Kids Incorporated starring Fergie and the cast.

8: Lessons Learned Learn about the lessons and values that Kids Incorporated imparted to its young audience.

9: Legacy of Kids Incorporated Celebrate the lasting legacy of Kids Incorporated and the impact it continues to have on fans old and new.

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See a Young Fergie and the Cast of Kids Incorporated, Then and Now