1: Poppy Harlow, a familiar face on CNN for almost 20 years, bids farewell to the network.

2: Harlow's departure comes as she pursues new opportunities in the media industry.

3: Fans express shock and sadness over the news of Poppy Harlow leaving CNN.

4: Harlow's impactful reporting and engaging personality will be missed by viewers.

5: Reflections on Harlow's illustrious career at CNN and her future endeavors.

6: Speculations arise about where Poppy Harlow's next career move will take her.

7: Colleagues and viewers praise Harlow for her dedication and professionalism at CNN.

8: Harlow leaves behind a legacy of insightful journalism and impactful storytelling.

9: Stay tuned for updates on Poppy Harlow's exciting new chapter outside of CNN.

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