1: Discover a delicious overnight oats recipe packed with 25 grams of protein powder for a powerful breakfast.

2: Mix oats, protein powder, milk, yogurt, and honey in a jar. Shake well and refrigerate overnight.

3: In the morning, top with fruit and nuts for added flavor and crunch. Enjoy your protein-packed oats!

4: This recipe is a convenient and tasty way to fuel your day with the protein you need.

5: Protein powder boosts the protein content while adding a delicious flavor to your oats.

6: Make mornings easier with this simple overnight oats recipe that packs a protein punch.

7: Stir in your favorite protein powder for a satisfying breakfast that keeps you full longer.

8: Personalize your oats with different protein powder flavors for a unique and tasty twist.

9: Start your day right with this protein-packed overnight oats recipe that will keep you energized.

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