1: "NCIS celebrates 1000 episodes with a thrilling conclusion to a 21-year-old villain story."

2: "After two decades, fans finally get closure on a long-standing mystery."

3: "The notorious villain's story is wrapped up in a satisfying and unexpected way."

4: "NCIS writers deliver a jaw-dropping twist in the 1000th episode."

5: "Fans react with excitement and disbelief at the epic conclusion."

6: "The 21-year-old villain's storyline comes full circle in a dramatic fashion."

7: "Ambitious storytelling pays off as NCIS reaches a milestone with the 1000th episode."

8: "The long-awaited resolution leaves viewers stunned and satisfied."

9: "NCIS proves why it remains a fan-favorite after 21 years with an unforgettable episode."

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