1: Former "Little House on the Prairie" actor Dean Butler reflects on fans still approaching him as their first crush.

2: Exclusive interview with Dean Butler on the lasting impact of his role as Almanzo Wilder.

3: Discover why viewers still remember Dean Butler from his days on "Little House on the Prairie."

4: Dean Butler shares intimate insights into his life post-"Little House on the Prairie."

5: Catch up with Dean Butler as he discusses the enduring popularity of the classic TV show.

6: Learn why fans continue to approach Dean Butler about his iconic role on "Little House on the Prairie."

7: Dean Butler's thoughts on the legacy of "Little House on the Prairie" and its impact on viewers.

8: Exclusive look at how Dean Butler's character Almanzo Wilder captured viewers' hearts.

9: Dean Butler reveals why fans' memories of his role on "Little House on the Prairie" still resonate today.

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