1: Jon Bon Jovi recalls wild nights with Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

2: The rock star shares humorous anecdotes about the famous chimpanzee's antics.

3: Bubbles was a beloved companion to the King of Pop and his celebrity friends.

4: Fans were delighted to hear about the unique bond between Bon Jovi and Bubbles.

5: The story of their encounters is a whimsical tale of friendship and fun.

6: Bon Jovi's memories of Bubbles bring a touch of nostalgia to the late-night show.

7: The singer's animated storytelling captivates the audience with laughter and joy.

8: This heartwarming moment between man and ape is a cherished memory for Bon Jovi.

9: Watch the full interview to relive the hilarious escapades of Jon Bon Jovi and Bubbles.

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