1: Is Ziva and DiNozzo's daughter returning to NCIS? Find out the latest updates and rumors surrounding this highly-anticipated storyline.

2: Fans have been speculating about Tali's possible return to NCIS. Could we see her reunite with her parents in future episodes?

3: The mystery of Tali's whereabouts has left viewers eagerly waiting for her comeback. Will she make a surprise appearance on the show?

4: Ziva and DiNozzo's daughter Tali has become a fan favorite, sparking questions about her potential return to NCIS. Stay tuned for updates.

5: As the speculation grows, fans are hoping for Tali's comeback to NCIS. Will she follow in her parents' footsteps and join the team?

6: The anticipation for Tali's return to NCIS continues to build. Could she be part of a new storyline that brings her back into the fold?

7: Ziva and DiNozzo's daughter Tali has been a missing piece in recent NCIS episodes. Will she finally make her much-anticipated return?

8: With fans eager for answers, the question remains: Is Tali coming back to NCIS? Keep up with the latest news and developments on this storyline.

9: The possibility of Tali reuniting with her parents on NCIS has fans excited for what's to come. Will she make a triumphant return to the show?

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