1: Billy Joel's iconic 100th Madison Square Garden concert blew fans away with surprise appearances and an unforgettable set list.

2: The Piano Man wowed the crowd with special guests like Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon, making this a night to remember.

3: From classics like "Piano Man" to deep cuts like "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant," the set list was a hit.

4: Fans were treated to rare performances and special moments, making this milestone concert an unforgettable experience.

5: Billy Joel's 100th MSG concert proved why he's still one of the greatest performers of all time, delivering an epic night of music.

6: The energy in the arena was electric as the crowd sang along to every song, creating a magical atmosphere.

7: The concert was a celebration of Joel's incredible career, showcasing his talent and enduring appeal to fans of all generations.

8: Surprise appearances from music legends added to the excitement, with each guest bringing their own unique energy to the stage.

9: Overall, Billy Joel's 100th MSG concert was a once-in-a-lifetime event that will go down in history as a legendary night of music.

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