1: Introduction Learn how to maximize the Samsung Galaxy tips calculator to calculate tips easily on your device.

2: Accessing the Calculator Open the Samsung Galaxy tips calculator app from your app drawer or home screen.

3: Entering the Bill Amount Enter the total bill amount into the calculator using the keypad on your device.

4: Selecting the Tip Percentage Choose the tip percentage you want to calculate using the slider or input field.

5: Calculating the Tip Amount Press the calculate button to see the tip amount you should leave based on your bill.

6: Splitting the Bill Easily split the bill with friends by entering the number of people to divide the total amount.

7: Customizing the Settings Adjust the currency format and tip presets in the settings for a personalized experience.

8: Saving Tip Calculations Save your tip calculations for future reference or to keep track of your spending habits.

9: Conclusion Master the Samsung Galaxy tips calculator for quick and accurate tip calculations every time.

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