1: Google Pixel 8 vs Google Pixel 7 Discover the biggest upgrades in display, camera, and performance.

2: Display Explore the enhanced refresh rate and resolution on Pixel 8.

3: Camera Experience improved low-light photography with Pixel 8's advanced camera system.

4: Performance Witness faster processing speeds and more efficient multitasking on Pixel 8.

5: Battery Life Learn about the longer-lasting battery on Pixel 8 compared to Pixel 7.

6: Design Compare the sleek new design of Pixel 8 with its predecessor.

7: Software Features Explore the latest software updates and features on Pixel 8.

8: Storage Options Choose from expanded storage options on Pixel 8 for all your files and apps.

9: Overall Comparison See how Google Pixel 8 outshines Google Pixel 7 in all the significant upgrades.

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