1: Meet the Director: Discover how Stopmotion creates terrifying stories using tiny puppets.

2: Behind the Scenes: Explore the process of bringing miniature monsters to life on screen.

3: Tiny Terrors: Learn why Director of horror film Stopmotion believes in the power of small scares.

4: Crafting Horror: Uncover the secrets of creating suspense with pint-sized protagonists.

5: Nightmare Fuel: Hear from the Director on why tiny puppets are the stuff of horror.

6: Creepy Creatures: Get a glimpse into the eerie world of Stopmotion's miniature macabre.

7: The Art of Fear: Dive into the mind of the Director and their twisted puppet creations.

8: Small But Spooky: Explore how Stopmotion uses size to amplify scares in horror films.

9: Final Frights: Discover why tiny puppets hold a big place in the heart of horror cinema.

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