1: Deion Sanders returns for his second spring football game at Colorado. Get ready for an exciting matchup!

2: Sanders is gearing up his team for a competitive season. Stay tuned for updates on the game.

3: Expect a showdown on the field as Sanders leads his team to victory. Don't miss out on the action!

4: The Colorado football team is ready to take on their opponents under Sanders' guidance. Get ready for an epic game!

5: Sanders' coaching style is sure to bring out the best in his players. Watch them shine on the field.

6: Fans can expect a thrilling game as Sanders proves his prowess as a coach. Stay tuned for highlights.

7: Sanders' second spring football game at Colorado promises to be a nail-biter. Get ready for an intense matchup!

8: The team is pumped up and ready to give it their all under Sanders' leadership. Don't miss this exciting game!

9: Be sure to catch all the action as Sanders and his team face off in their second spring football game. Get ready for a game to remember!

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