1: "Deadpool 3 trailer debuts at Super Bowl 2024, teasing multiverse chaos with appearance of Wolverine."

2: "Fans buzzing over Marvel crossover as Deadpool and Wolverine team up in new film."

3: "Excitement grows as Deadpool breaks fourth wall and dives into multiverse with Wolverine."

4: "Super Bowl ad hints at epic showdown between Deadpool and Wolverine in upcoming movie."

5: "Multiverse madness ensues as Deadpool and Wolverine cross paths in new trailer."

6: "Deadpool 3 teaser leaves fans in awe with unexpected Wolverine cameo at Super Bowl 2024."

7: "Marvel universe explodes as Deadpool and Wolverine unite in upcoming film teaser."

8: "Deadpool 3 trailer stuns viewers with surprise Wolverine appearance at Super Bowl."

9: "New Deadpool film promises to shake up Marvel multiverse with Wolverine team-up."

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