1: David Krumholtz, known for his role in "The Santa Clause," faces a grim prognosis in "Lousy Carter" trailer.

2: "The Deuce" actor has six months to live in this heart-wrenching story of hope and despair.

3: Watch as Krumholtz's character navigates life's complexities in a race against time.

4: Join the emotional journey as the clock ticks away for this beloved actor.

5: Explore themes of love, friendship, and mortality in "Lousy Carter."

6: Discover the power of resilience in the face of life-altering news.

7: Witness Krumholtz's riveting performance in this must-watch trailer.

8: Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions in this poignant tale of a limited lifespan.

9: Experience the raw emotion and gripping storytelling of "Lousy Carter" starring David Krumholtz.

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