1: Kirsten Dunst stars in the Civil War drama as Lucy, a fearless photojournalist capturing the horrors of war.

2: As the war rages on, Lucy's morality is tested while she strives to document the truth.

3: Caught in the chaos, Lucy must navigate a divided nation where loyalties are questioned.

4: Dunst's powerful performance captures the emotional toll of bearing witness to conflict.

5: Director Cate Shortland plunges viewers into a visceral portrayal of the Civil War era.

6: With stunning cinematography, the film brings to life the struggles of the era.

7: The film's intensity grips viewers as Lucy confronts the brutality of war.

8: Dunst's character is a symbol of resilience amidst the chaos of the Civil War.

9: Civil War Review is a harrowing exploration of the human cost of conflict.

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