1: "Bill Murray reprises his iconic role in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer."

2: "The jumpsuit is back as Murray joins the cast for the highly-anticipated sequel."

3: "Get ready for the return of the original Ghostbusters team in Frozen Empire."

4: "Murray's comeback as Peter Venkman is sure to delight fans of the franchise."

5: "Watch as the Ghostbusters reunite to save the world once again in Frozen Empire."

6: "Excitement builds as Murray dons his jumpsuit for more paranormal adventures."

7: "Ghostbusters Frozen Empire promises thrills, laughs, and plenty of supernatural surprises."

8: "Join Murray and the team as they battle ghosts in the chilling Frozen Empire trailer."

9: "Don't miss out on the ghostly fun – watch Ghostbusters Frozen Empire starring Bill Murray."

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