1: Angelina Jolie shares how working on Broadway's The Outsiders has been a learning experience for her daughter, Vivienne.

2: Vivienne joined her mom on set, gaining valuable knowledge about acting and the entertainment industry.

3: The mother-daughter duo bonded over their shared passion for storytelling and performance.

4: Jolie's guidance and support helped Vivienne develop her skills in front of the camera.

5: The experience of working together on The Outsiders brought them even closer as a family.

6: Vivienne's growth as a young actress has been evident throughout the filming process.

7: Jolie is proud to see her daughter's confidence and talent shine through in her performance.

8: Their collaboration on Broadway has been a rewarding and memorable experience for both of them.

9: Angelina Jolie and Vivienne's work on The Outsiders is a testament to the power of family and the magic of storytelling.

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