1: Angelina Jolie and daughter Vivienne share a special mother-daughter moment on the red carpet.

2: The duo dazzles at The Outsiders Broadway premiere, turning heads with their elegant attire.

3: Fans can't get enough of Angelina and Vivienne's adorable bond as they pose for photos.

4: Vivienne looks like a mini version of her famous mother, stealing the spotlight at the event.

5: Angelina and Vivienne's red carpet appearance is a rare glimpse into their close relationship.

6: The mother-daughter duo's stylish outfits perfectly complement each other at the premiere.

7: Angelina and Vivienne radiate beauty and grace as they walk hand in hand down the red carpet.

8: The pair's red carpet moment is filled with love, laughter, and undeniable star power.

9: Angelina and daughter Vivienne steal the show at The Outsiders Broadway premiere, proving that family always comes first.

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