1: Introduction After the Astros scandal, Jonathan Owens stands by his wife Simone Biles through thick and thin.

2: True Love Jonathan Owens proves his loyalty in the face of betrayal rumors, showing unwavering support for Simone Biles.

3: Shutting Down Rumors In the midst of chaos, Jonathan Owens silences critics with his unwavering love and support for Simone Biles.

4: Remaining Strong Despite the controversy, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens stand together, proving their unbreakable bond.

5: Standing Tall Jonathan Owens defies all odds and remains by Simone Biles' side amidst the storm.

6: Unwavering Support Through it all, Jonathan Owens stands firm, shutting down betrayal talks and supporting Simone Biles.

7: Love Prevails Despite the drama, Jonathan Owens' unwavering support for Simone Biles shines through, silencing betrayal rumors.

8: A True Partnership Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles prove that love conquers all, shutting down betrayal talks with their strong bond.

9: The Power of Love Amidst adversity, Jonathan Owens' love for Simone Biles prevails, shutting down betrayal speculation with grace.

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