1: Paul Mescal, known for his role in "Normal People," stars in Gladiator 2.

2: Witness Paul Mescal in action as he battles a warrior on a rhino.

3: CinemaCon unveils a glimpse of the thrilling fight scene in Gladiator 2.

4: Get ready for heart-pounding action as Paul Mescal takes on his foe.

5: The intense battle between Mescal and the warrior on a rhino captivates.

6: Experience the adrenaline rush of Gladiator 2's epic combat sequence.

7: Witness Mescal's ripped physique in action-packed scenes on the big screen.

8: CinemaCon premiere showcases the fierce showdown between Mescal and the warrior.

9: Don't miss Paul Mescal's electrifying performance in Gladiator 2's fight scenes.

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