1: "David Ayer's war movie remake with Jason Statham as lead would bring action-packed thrill."

2: "Statham's intense charisma and combat skills make him ideal Expendables replacement."

3: "Ayer's gritty style and Statham's prowess promise a blockbuster hit in the making."

4: "Fans eagerly anticipate Statham's portrayal in Ayer's war movie remake."

5: "This collaboration guarantees explosive entertainment for action film enthusiasts."

6: "Statham's dynamic presence and Ayer's direction ensure a gripping viewing experience."

7: "Ayer's remake starring Statham is a promising addition to the war movie genre."

8: "Statham's versatility and Ayer's vision set the stage for an epic cinematic journey."

9: "Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride with Statham and Ayer's war movie remake."

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