1: Discover the value of American nickels in circulation today. Learn about key dates and mint marks to look for in your collection.

2: The 1913 Liberty Nickel is a rare find worth up to $3 million. Keep an eye out for this valuable coin in your change.

3: The 1943-45 Silver War Nickel is another valuable American coin. Look for the large mint mark above Monticello on the reverse.

4: The 1938-D Buffalo nickel is a key date in the series. Check for full horn details to increase its value.

5: The 1916-D Buffalo nickel is a highly sought-after coin. Look for clear dates and mint marks to verify its authenticity.

6: Explore the beauty and history of American nickels in circulation. Start building your collection today with these valuable coins.

7: Learn about the different designs and mint marks on American nickels. Keep an eye out for valuable coins in your pocket change.

8: Discover the stories behind each American nickel in circulation. From the Buffalo to the Jefferson, these coins hold rich history.

9: Join the world of numismatics by collecting valuable American nickels. Start your journey today by searching for these rare coins.

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