1: 1. Neglecting maintenance leads to costly repairs. 2. Overpersonalizing decor can turn off potential buyers.

2: 3. Skipping regular cleanings can create a messy environment. 4. Ignoring curb appeal can deter buyers from even stepping inside.

3: 5. DIY renovations gone wrong can decrease home value. 6. Using bold paint colors may limit appeal to buyers.

4: 7. Allowing clutter to accumulate can make spaces feel small. 8. Neglecting landscaping can give a bad first impression.

5: 9. Using cheap materials in upgrades can cheapen the look of the home. 10. Having outdated fixtures can give the impression of a neglected home.

6: 11. Not keeping up with modern trends can make a home feel dated. 12. Having too many personal items on display can distract buyers from seeing the potential of the home.

7: 13. Not staging the home properly can make it harder for buyers to envision living there. 14. Ignoring necessary repairs can scare off potential buyers.

8: 15. Having bad odors in the home can create a negative first impression. 16. Not completing unfinished projects can make a home feel unfinished.

9: 17. Pricing the home too high can turn off potential buyers. 18. Not having a professional real estate agent can result in a lower selling price.

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