1: Quick and delicious Mediterranean diet breakfasts for moms on the go!

2: Greek yogurt with honey and almonds - a protein-packed breakfast option.

3: Avocado toast with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes - a savory way to start the day.

4: Mediterranean egg muffins with spinach and olives - a portable and nutritious choice.

5: Overnight oats with berries and nuts - a make-ahead breakfast for busy mornings.

6: Mediterranean smoothie with spinach, banana, and Greek yogurt - a refreshing option.

7: Fruit and nut granola parfait - a crunchy and sweet way to fuel your day.

8: Whole grain toast with hummus and sliced cucumber - a fiber-filled breakfast idea.

9: Mediterranean breakfast platter with hard-boiled eggs, olives, and whole grain crackers - a balanced meal to start your day right.

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