1: Explore California's quirky side with these 20 unique roadside oddities. From giant sculptures to mysterious ruins, there's plenty to discover.

2: Uncover the story behind Salvation Mountain, a vibrant hillside masterpiece made of adobe clay and paint in the Colorado Desert.

3: Visit the towering Cabazon Dinosaurs, two massive dinosaur sculptures that have appeared in movies like "Pee-wee's Big Adventure."

4: Discover the spooky Haunted Swing in Griffith Park, rumored to move on its own and swing higher than normal.

5: Delve into the mystery of the Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley, home to over 35 religious statues scattered throughout the desert.

6: Gaze at the world's largest yo-yo in Chico, a 14-foot-tall replica of the classic toy that spins above the National Yo-Yo Museum.

7: Marvel at the quirky Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, a 15-foot-tall, 70-foot-long alley filled with thousands of pieces of chewed gum.

8: Stop by the whimsical Pee Wee Herman House in Pasadena, a colorful home designed with a unique and playful style.

9: End your journey with a visit to the Salton Sea Ruins, a haunting reminder of a once-booming resort town now abandoned and decaying.

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20 Unique and Interesting Roadside Oddities in California