1: 17 states sue EEOC over rule granting workers abortion accommodations—lawsuits spark national debate on reproductive rights.

2: Texas leads lawsuit against EEOC, arguing workers' rights conflict with religious beliefs and jeopardize business practices.

3: California asserts EEOC rule violates workers' reproductive rights, calls for national standard on abortion accommodations.

4: New York joins lawsuit, demanding clarity on workplace abortion accommodations to protect workers' rights and privacy.

5: Opponents of EEOC rule claim it infringes on religious freedom and could lead to discrimination in the workplace.

6: Colorado files lawsuit against EEOC, arguing rule violates state law protecting workers' reproductive rights.

7: Michigan challenges EEOC rule, seeks to ensure workers have access to abortion accommodations without fear of retaliation.

8: Congressional leaders divided on EEOC rule, sparking debate on the role of government in protecting workers' reproductive rights.

9: Lawsuits signal growing tension between states and federal government over abortion accommodations in the workplace.

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